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Sunday, 22 November 2015 14:51

With Christmas approaching, Zimbabwe seems to be facing all the gifts from hell: economic meltdown, simmering violence, a looming food crisis and a witch on the rampage.


The South Africa-based think tank NKC African Economics, which is associated with Oxford University, says Zimbabwe is on the brink of total collapse and the infighting in Zanu PF could trigger unprecedented chaos. In a report titled ‘Renewed violence an inevitable consequence of regime decay’, NKC says Zanu PF is walking dead (see: NGOs and Western governments have also expressed alarm at the mounting violence (see, for example: Police brutality not the answer –


At the same time, MDC T MP Eddie Cross says Zimbabwe is facing food shortages because of a drought of the same magnitude as experienced in 2008 when the United States stepped in to provide maize. ‘This year we are on our own; aid agencies do not have the budget to help, our government does not have the capacity to step into the breach and the private sector is as broke as everyone else. We better all go to church this Sunday and pray for rain’ (see:


It is not as if President Mugabe is on hand to take charge of affairs. He is always away in his role as one of the world’s great statesmen – stumbling from one international meeting to another dispensing wisdom. People in Zimbabwe looking for government guidance might suggest that he should charge these foreign freeloaders for his advice.


Although ZAnu PF is tearing itself apart, he will have to go to Paris for a climate-change meeting even as the party gathers at Victoria Falls for its conference. Zimbabweans can only be grateful that mother of the nation Dr Grace will be there to hand out adult size 12 plastic shoes to the children (see:


Another relief would be if the Health Minister Dr David Parirenyatwa is sufficiently embarrassed to pay for the conference from his spoils from the bankrupt Premier Services Medical Aid Society (see: Mugabe must demand Parirenyatwa explanation – Incidentally, the Vigil notes that between January and June this year donors provided eight times as much for Zimbabwe’s social services as the government (see:


Other points

·       On a bitterly cold Saturday – first of the winter –Sister Bev Mutandiro led us in prayer for peace in Zimbabwe in the face of growing signs of violence.

·       The Vigil ended on a vibrant note with rousing singing and drumming. Passers-by joined in the dancing.

·       Thanks to those who came early to help set up: Audry Chamangira, Livert Zhuwao, Beverley and Kennedy Mutandiro, Henrietta Mlambo and Fungayi Mabhunu. Thanks to those who stayed to the end to help pack up: Beverley Mutandiro, Chido Makawa, Dennis Benton, Faith Bhebhe, Fungayi Mabhunu, Ishmael Makina, Jennipher Sabe, Lipi Mhlope, Lovemore Mukeyani, Marjory Kunaka, Rose Benton and Zondiwe Gumede.

·       We have received a reply from the General Medical Council to a complaint we made against the activities of Dr Sylvester Nyatsuro who runs a clinic in Nottingham. Although he is a British citizen he is trying to seize a farm in Zimbabwe owned by a white Zimbabwean. The GMC’s letter thanks us for bringing the matter to their attention.


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FOR THE RECORD: 22 signed the register.



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