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Friday, 21 February 2003 00:00


ZimVigil in ParisSitting in a police holding cell in Paris, I write. 11 of us detained. For peacefully protesting, for calling for the arrest of Mugabe for torture, for trying to make the world aware of our anger at Chirac allowing this banned dictator into France, flouting the EU’s travel ban.

With only a few hours sleep behind us, we had arrived early in Paris and headed to the Ministry of Justice where we joined forces with members of Act Up and the Pink Panthers, gay activists who share our anger at Mugabe’s presence in France. Our protest was broken up by the police who arrived quickly and outnumbered us completely. But not before our chants and shouts had been caught on camera by the international press.

ZimVigil in Paris

From there, we had walked through Paris to the Magistrate’s Court, the French among us warning us not to wave banners while walking for fear of arrest. We were there to serve papers prepared by Peter Tatchell giving grounds for the arrest of Mugabe. Our attempts to protest were foiled by armed police, who, repressively circling, told us to disband. We couldn’t protest, no chanting of slogans, no waving of banners. Peter and Tom Spicer, an 18 year old victim of torture at the hands of the Mugabe regime, served the papers, as no more than two were allowed inside.

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Wednesday, 01 January 2003 00:00

 Zimbabwe videoTwo exceptional videos

Two exceptional videos - Zimbabwean film-maker Edwina Spicer has produced two films that poigniantly capture two definitive moments in contemporary Zimbabwean history: the stolen Presidential Election and the recent service for healing held by church leaders at Bulawayo Catholic Cathedral. These videos are available on reciept of £5 for postage and packaging. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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