Wave of Optimism – Zimbabwe Vigil Diary: 2nd April 2022 Print
Sunday, 03 April 2022 17:59




The success of Chamisa’s new Citizens Coalition for Change party in the by-elections, following his enthusiastically-supported rallies, lent an air of optimism to a meeting of exiled Zimbabweans and supporters at the Royal Geographical Society in London.


There was disappointment that Chamisa himself could not be there but we were glad to hear instead from Paramount Chief Felix Ndiweni, a passionate advocate of the rule of law. He said appeasement of wrongdoing was a dangerous game, accusing SADC of being scared to deal with what he described as Zanu PF’s dismembering of the opposition.


He said the by-elections had shown that people would still vote for the opposition in spite of everything. ‘The worm has turned. People realise they have nothing lose’, he said. They were facing ‘a terrorist government operating outside the law’. SADC had become a toothless dog but South Africa had now realised the Zimbabwe problem was becoming a domestic issue for them as well.


Chief Ndiweni said pressure from outside was essential for change in Zimbabwe. Ben Freeth of the Mike Campbell Foundation, which organised the meeting, said the outcome of the last Zambian elections has given Zimbabweans hope for democracy. Amazing things had happened in Zambia since the change of government: ‘We must emulate it’, he said, adding that church monitoring of the election there had made a difference.


The meeting welcomed the initiative of the Zimbabwean Heads of Christian Denominations to observe every polling station in next year’s national elections and collate the results to show the true outcome if the elections are disputed. The meeting suggested a parallel civil society move to tabulate the results.


Long-time Zimbabwe campaigner Kate Hoey, now in the House of Lords, said outside monitoring of the general elections must begin earlier – not just a few days before the vote. She added that there was not much confidence in SADC / African Union monitoring. She said Mnangagwa knew he had a real fight on his hands and there was a fear that there would again be violence during the elections.


Separately, an attempt is being launched to raise funds for a media campaign aimed at giving confidence to the general population of Zimbabwe that they have the right to peacefully witness the elections and ensure the results will be uncontested.


Other points

·       The Herald published a very different account of the meeting in a report by alleged lawyer ‘Dr’ Masimba Mavaza. It consisted largely of lies and it’s clear that his ‘doctorate’ was in Grace Mugabe studies (https://www.herald.co.zw/fugitive-ndiweni-calls-for-sanctions-on-zimbabwe/). As the Vigil reported in our diary of 7th November 2015, Mavaza was sacked as a magistrate because he had failed to inform the authorities of his arrest for fraud by false representation (https://nehandaradio.com/2015/11/09/zanu-pf-swaggers-in-the-uk-zimbabwe-vigil-diary/).

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