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Sunday, 24 July 2022 14:50


The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has criticised Zanu PF after one of the party’s supporters was caught on camera telling rural voters to claim to be illiterate so that they could be assisted  by people who would ensure they voted for the ruling party. The ZEC director of voter education Rejoice Sibanda indicated that the matter would be pursued by the Commission as it was against the code of conduct for political parties and candidates.


Sibanda blamed voter registration apathy on the state of the economy, saying that even civic groups faced resource challenges in mobilising people to register to vote. Over one hundred civic and faith-based organisations had been authorised to conduct voter education but less than ten were currently doing this (


The European Union says the Zimbabwe government’s failure to carry out electoral reforms threatens the credibility of next year’s elections. It said ‘This follows repeated promises by President Emmerson Mnangagwa that elections will be free and fair. However, the ability of voters to freely choose their leaders remains in serious doubt.’


It said only two of the 23 recommendations made by the EU after the 1918 elections had been implemented. The EU noted that one key recommendation coming out of recent discussions related to the importance of ZEC ‘reinforcing its communication strategy and adopting a proactive approach to information-sharing to promote trust in the process ahead.’ (See:


While millions of Zimbabweans live in grinding poverty with an ever-falling average income, the government press boasts of a US$500 million investment by a Dubai company in a ‘cyber city’ project in Mount Hampden on the outskirts of Harare (see:


No doubt this is a welcome development but we suspect it will offer little hope to those struggling to survive today. An article by Claire Felter in Bulawayo24 paints a bleak picture. The article notes that one-third of the population are in need of food aid according to the World Bank (see:


Other points

  • The Media Alliance of Zimbabwe has accused the Chinese Embassy in Harare of bullying the media. This came after the Standard newspaper was threatened by the Embassy with ‘strong measures’ for publishing articles on violations by Chinese mining companies in Zimbabwe. The Media Alliance said this amounted to an attack on press freedom. The Chinese arrogance is no doubt rooted in knowledge of the huge debt Zimbabwe owes it for borrowing some US$13 billion for infrastructure projects. Like so many other Chinese debtors in the third world, Zimbabwe is finding it increasingly difficult to service these debts (see:
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