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Sunday, 30 August 2009 17:23

Despite the upbeat reaction, Vigil supporters were pessimistic about the outcome of Zuma’s visit to Zimbabwe. South Africa has clearly dropped its ‘Crisis – what crisis?’ blinkers – but Zuma doesn’t seem to have grasped that the crisis is not just economic.   There was nothing in his public statements to suggest that he understood the gravity of the situation or was prepared to do anything about it.  

For instance, Zuma could start by stopping the supply of SA ammunition to Mugabe. John Huruva, one of the early MDC people in the UK, is convinced that this ammunition is to be used against the Zimbabwean people. Vigil supporters discussed an article he had written in which he says ’we have seen the same kind of scenario in Rwanda where almost a million civilians were massacred’. 

What kind of scenario is John talking about? Zanu-PF’s strategy, he says, is to hold on to power at all costs. As its popularity wanes it relies more and more on state brutality driven by the desire to protect their loot, the fear of facing justice and the realisation that their party will not win a free and fair election. Huruva believes that beatings etc as a strategy for ‘winning’ the next elections have already started in remote rural areas.  ‘What is almost certain,’ he says, ‘is that the killings are coming.’  

Mr Huruva has agreed to come along to the next Vigil to discuss his article, which you can see via this link: 

Some early comments by people at the Vigil:
‘One thing about Zanu-PF: they have always made clear their murderous intentions. People must take them at their word.’
‘Hate speech is getting worse again. You can see from the way the government reported Zuma’s remarks that nothing has changed.’
‘Zanu-PF doesn’t care about aid to rebuild the country. They are OK.’
·         ‘The SADC meeting in DRC will only thank Kabila for flying Chinese arms to Mugabe.’ 

Given all the talk about the economy, the Vigil was surprised that one announcement seems to have escaped attention. Dun & Bradstreet has rated Zimbabwe as the worst place in the world to invest in – along with Afghanistan. D & B’s credit ratings are used by banks and businesses throughout the world.   

Discussion of the situation at home kept us busy on an otherwise (for us) rather quiet Vigil – not surprising as it was the start of the late summer long weekend holiday.   

We were joined at the Vigil by David Adelstein, who is making a film about Zimbabweans in the UK based around the Vigil, called Vura Nzita – ‘Open the Road’. David said he was invited to show part of the film to an MDC meeting in Oxford but when the organizers found out it would show Tsvangirai being booed at Southwark Cathedral they pulled the plug.  When people asked why the film was not being shown, the organizers said there wasn’t time for it. The large audience was pretty unhappy about this so David says they can contact him on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if they want him to show the film. 

Thanks to Constance and Takunda Manyimani who were at the Vigil ahead of the start to help unload and set up the Vigil. Thanks also to Edwick Office and Gladys Mapanda who helped on the front and back tables throughout the Vigil.  

For latest Vigil pictures check: 

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