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Sunday, 29 August 2010 15:44

Halfway through the 30 day period given by SADC to the interim government to resolve their differences there has been no discernible movement and the Vigil doubts there will be. So we are preparing to hold a demonstration on 18th September to mark the failure of the latest SADC initiative and the second anniversary of the misconceived agreement under which the MDC submitted to Mugabe.   

Vigil members will wear black armbands to mark the occasion in what we intend to be a rebuke to the MDC leadership for their abject betrayal of their faithful supporters. Certainly, as far as the UK is concerned, MDC members have been left bewildered by the failure of Harare to resolve the problem of the dissolved UK and Ireland leadership.  Now we hear stories that Tsvangirai signed up to a crazy proposal to link the appointment of governors to the lifting of targeted sanctions.  

Vigil supporters have heard denials of this but on the other hand we have always been puzzled why the MDC agreed two years ago to sign up to the GPA which committed them to call for an end to sanctions and broadcasts by SW Radio Africa and Voice of America. Vigil supporters clearly remember a meeting in London at which we were shown the agreement with this crazy provision. Tsvangirai signed up to it so we can well believe that he will give in to other Zanu PF demands. 

Further anxiety about the prospects for democracy in Zimbabwe were prompted by an ominous interview given to Violet Gonda of SW Radio Africa by the departing Swedish Ambassador to Zimbabwe Sten Rylander. See:   

The Vigil responded to an invitation to comment on the interview and here is what we said: “The Vigil is disappointed by Ambassador Rylander’s wimpish remarks. Despite all the evidence of unrelenting abuse of the GPA by Zanu PF, he says he is leaving on 'a note of optimism', that Zimbabwe is 'on the right track', 'space is opening up', the constitution-making process is 'going better than expected', the three parties are 'coming together' and there is 'no stalemate'. Where has Rylander been for the past few years? He is complacent about the stolen elections and blind to the realities.  Mr Rylander says elections next year would be too early. The Vigil's view is that there will always be reasons to postpone elections if Zanu PF abuses are not curbed. On this logic will there ever be elections again? He calls for 'out of the box' thinking - our guess is that this is code for caving into Mugabe. We fear that a similar delusional message has been coming from the British Ambassador.” 

It’s a pity My Rylander hasn’t had a word with MDC Senator Mishek Marave who said recently: "Since we joined the Inclusive Government, not a single day has gone by without the police harassing, intimidating and persecuting MDC officials and supporters. The same police force treat us with contempt, disrespect and scorn while showing favouritism and granting special privileges to Zanu PF and its supporters. . . They (Zanu PF) have a free pass to do as they please and are never held accountable. They are simply untouchable." 

What depressed Zimbabwe Vigil supporters is that Mr Rylander’s line is remarkably similar to one we have been getting from the British government: “things in Zimbabwe are not perfect but they are getting better, the opposition is part of the government, things are moving forward . . . In other words all you exiles should obey Mr Tsvangirai’s summons and go home and get out of our hair”. As one Vigil supporter said “Thinking outside the box means things are not working in the box”. So we can expect a favourable response to a new appeal by Mr Tsvangirai to lift targeted sanctions before they are renewed next February. But by then Mugabe will probably be in his own box and it will be a different ballgame . . .

Other points
·       Vigil Co-ordinator Dumi Tutani was on a panel at a screening of ‘Mugabe and the White African’ in London on Thursday.  Director Lucy Bailey was very pleased to have a black Zimbabwean’s views.  Dumi stressed that the problems in Zimbabwe were not caused by the white farmers and the land issue but by a corrupt government determined to stay in power at all costs. He received a round of applause at the end of the event.
·       We are grateful to an unidentified passer-by who gave use £20 to support our work.  He does this regularly and doesn’t wait for thanks.
·       Despite our apprehension about possible change in the British government’s policy on returning failed asylum seekers to Zimbabwe, several Vigil supporters have recently been successful in their applications to remain in the UK.
·       We were glad to be joined today by two long-term members of the Vigil, Gugu Tutani and Agnes Zengeya, both of whom have babies due in October.  We are opening a book on who’s first. 

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·       Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children. This documentary will be shown again on BBC 2 on Tuesday 31st August at 9 pm. 
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