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Tuesday, 01 March 2011 17:25

President Mugabe was strung up from a tree outside the Zimbabwe Embassy in London today at a Vigil in support of an attempt to stage an anti-Mugabe demonstration in Harare. 

Security forces were beefed up to deter protesters from gathering at Harare gardens but in London some 50 people attended our mock execution of the aging tyrant. 

We were joined by a Reuters news team, apart from other journalists, and passers-by stopped to take photos with their mobile phones. Bus drivers hooted in solidarity as Terence Mafuva in our Mugabe mask and a white shroud dangled from the branch of a maple tree (discreetly supported by a small stool). 

Vigil supporters wore yellow bandanas saying ‘Robert Mugabe for the sake of Zimbabwe: Please hang’ and displayed posters reading ‘Mugabe must go!’ and ‘87 years old – 31 years in power’ while singing songs mocking the despot, to the accompaniment of drumming. There were passionate speeches denouncing him. Martin Chinyanga of the Zimbabwe Diaspora Focus Group said to applause that Mugabe’s time was coming to an end. For his part, Takwana Jonga of the Zimbabwe Action Group said Zanu PF was the enemy of the people of Zimbabwe responsible for the death of more than 5 million Zimbabweans since 1980 (by violence, neglect and poverty). 

The Vigil was pleased to get a message of encouragement from Passop, the Zimbabwe support group in South Africa, who were holding a solidarity demonstration outside Parliament in Cape Town. 

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