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Sunday, 01 May 2011 14:54

Vigil supporters ended another busy week picketing the (hopefully) farewell reception given by Swazi King Mswati who was squandering more of his country’s meagre resources on a lavish visit to London for the Royal Wedding.  

No sooner had we ended our regular Saturday Vigil outside the Zimbabwe Embassy than we were off to join our fellow human rights campaigners of the Swaziland Vigil outside the Four Seasons Hotel in Mayfair. Guests appeared uncomfortable when they saw the protest. The Swaziland High Commissioner Dumsile T Sukati jumped out of her car and hurried into the building. 

Despite the failure of our appeals to the British government to withdraw the invitations to the Wedding extended to Mswati and the Zimbabwe Ambassador Gabriel Machinga, we were compensated by the widespread publicity for our joint human rights cause, which has been given new impetus by the unrest in North Africa.  

Many observers expressed outrage that the two were present in Westminster Abbey on Friday. The Times newspaper spoke of the ‘pew of evil’ (unfortunately a pew ignored in the non-stop BBC television coverage). 

Explaining the decision not to withdraw the Zimbabwean Ambassador’s invitation, the Foreign Office said in a letter to the Vigil ‘Thank you for your letter of 20th April 2011 about the invite of the Zimbabwe Ambassador Gabriel Machinga to the Royal Wedding. Representatives from all countries that the UK has working relationships with have been invited to the Royal Wedding. The UK has contact with all parties subject to the Global Political Agreement, and this includes contact with the Zimbabwean Embassy in the UK.’ 

The Vigil, of course, is not persuaded by this blather but we do have some sympathy with the Foreign Office over its unravelling Africa policy, fraying not only on the edges but also in the middle. The plaintive remark by the expelled British High Commissioner to Malawi (‘I was only doing my best . . .’) was a sadly inadequate comment on the delusional behaviour of Mugabe’s disciple President Mutharika, incensed by being criticized for being intolerant of criticism . . . 

The Vigil noted how swiftly the wedding invitation to Malawi was withdrawn and we wait with interest for the threatened ‘wider consequences’ the Foreign Office will visit on the sorry Malawian victims of Mutharika’s psychopathic petulance. 

The Nyasa Times reports that the Malawi government was already looking to ‘secretly borrow’ from AIDS funds to finance its deficit in the development budget (see: and there has certainly been strong domestic criticism of what has been described as the President’s slavish devotion to Mugabe’s anti-West agenda threatening to take Malawi back to ‘the dark ages of a one party system’ (see:

The Vigil understands the British government’s dilemma on how to continue support for our Malawian brothers without propping up this Mugabe clone but we are mindful of suggestions in the British parliamentary debate on Zimbabwe on 28th April (see: and the voices cautioning against dishing out aid money through paunchy, self-serving NGOs (not to mention feeding  succulent AIDS funds).

As we gathered outside the Zimbabwe Embassy in the warmth of the Royal Wedding in support of our suffering families in Zimbabwe, we were sorry to hear that the Vatican had thrown open its doors to arch-hypocrite Mugabe on one of his monthly $3 million trips abroad. One of our generous supporters expressed his sadness at this. The Vigil respectfully sends its greetings to our dear Catholic friend, the former Archbishop of Bulawayo Pius Ncube, whose visit to the Vigil some years back remains an ever-present inspiration.  

Other points
·         Long-term supporter Agnes Zengeya brought her small son to the Vigil for the first time.
·         It was good to have Margret Tandi with us.  She was a loyal supporter until she suffered a stroke late last year and we are glad she is now well enough to come to the Vigil again.  Once again thanks to Edna Mdoka for her help on the front table. 

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