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Sunday, 19 May 2013 15:02

South Africa must ‘go to hell with their treachery and leave us alone’ fulminates Zanu PF politburo member Jonathan Moyo. His tirade was part of an orchestrated Zanu PF attempt to derail President Zuma’s determination to uphold the Global Political Agreement by which SADC brought Zimbabwe back from the brink after the violent elections five years ago.


The Vigil has always been doubtful about the ill-drafted GPA – a suspicion justified as the years passed without the promised reforms to enable free and fair elections. With the elections now due within a few months, it is the Vigil’s belief that only South Africa can save Zimbabwe.


Given legitimacy by the GPA and new confidence from four years of riding roughshod over the MDC, Zanu PF now denies it ever agreed to reforms. Hence its phony horror at ‘outrageous’ remarks by South Africa’s Deputy Foreign Minister Ebrahim Ebrahim who remarked that the MDC parties had ‘a legitimate argument’ in demanding further reforms before the elections.  There have to be certain reforms that need to be speeded up’, he said. ‘If Zanu PF says (the elections) should be held in June or July that is probably playing politics. All parties should agree that the time is ripe for an election.’


Jonathan Moyo, on cue, protested hysterically: ‘It is clear that Ebrahim's premeditated recklessness is calculated to incite a crisis through the media and that kind of megaphone behaviour is totally unacceptable. What is worse is that Ebrahim's despicable comments have a sickening semblance of representing the position of the South African government given that they are coming from the loud mouth of that country's deputy minister of foreign affairs’ (see: Moyo blasts ‘reckless’ South African minister


For his part, Zanu PF spokesman Rugare Gumbo insisted that calls for ‘so-called’ reforms were undermining Zimbabwe’s sovereignty. Furthermore they were ‘irrelevant’ (see: – Zanu (PF) defies SADC).  


We at the Vigil are embarrassed by these churlish remarks, deliberately offensive to our South African friends, when so many of our people have found shelter there because of misgovernment in Zimbabwe. As the Vigil’s contribution to Round 17 of the Free Zimbabwe Global Campaign, we are sending the following letter to President Zuma:


Dear President Zuma


The Zimbabwe Vigil wishes to express our gratitude for the firmness of purpose shown by the South African government in the face of Zanu PF’s refusal to honour its commitment to allow free and fair elections.


On behalf of oppressed Zimbabweans we apologise for the insolent remarks by Zanu PF functionaries about the comments by Deputy Foreign Minister Ebrahim Ebrahim suggesting that Zanu PF should implement the GPA.


We trust that South Africa will spell out to Zanu PF the consequences of a rigged election. We need not remind you of the burden that a new failed government in Zimbabwe will impose on the region.


We are sure you are aware that Zanu PF is already preparing to steal the elections by preventing MDC supporters from registering to vote.


The Zimbabwe Vigil has been protesting outside the Zimbabwe Embassy in London for the past 11 years in support of free and fair elections.


Other points

·         After the Vigil – free at last from rain! – we held our bi-monthly Zimbabwe Action Forum. Ephraim Tapa, a founder member of the Vigil, said Zanu PF did not want any interference from SADC and the international community because it was already engaged in stealing the elections which were likely to result in another GNU. This would mean another dead end. The Zimbabwe Action Forum was, in Ephraim’s words, ‘brewing the people’s way’. He went on to speak of Mugabe’s own admission that one out of every three children was chronically malnourished ( – Zambia has not charged for maize: Mugabe).  Thanks to Michelle Dube who went through her useful notes of the ZAF meeting on 4th May to remind the meeting of what had already been discussed.

·         The ZAF Facebook page is now active, check: Also the ROHR Facebook page has now been reactivated, check: We encourage all our supporters to actively participate on these Facebook pages.

·         The Vigil did not know whether to laugh or cry reading the latest letter from Cathy Buckle (see: Give me something – People interested in reading more of the voters’ roll skullduggery should look at the messages to Nehanda Radio via Whatsapp posted on Facebook by Lance Guma.

·         Thanks to Jonathan Kariwoh, Janemary Mapfumo, Kelvin Kamupira, Francesca Toft, Nkosikona Tshabangu and David Mukaro who came at the start of the Vigil to help set up.

·         Thanks  also to Grace Nyaumwe and Patricia Masamba of the ROHR Slough branch for bringing delicious sadza and stew to sell to fundraise for ROHR.


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FOR THE RECORD: 56 signed the register.



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