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Saturday, 18 October 2014 21:32

The British government has expressed concern at the lack of progress in reforming the electoral process in Zimbabwe. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, in its latest update on Zimbabwe published on 16th October, says the newly passed Electoral Amendment Act still contradicts the new constitution, with no sign of further amendments being planned.


It observed: ‘This does not bode well for meaningful constitutional reforms around the electoral process in Zimbabwe, especially concerning voter registration or access to the voters’ roll.’ (See: Zimbabwe – Country of Concern: latest update, 30 September 2014 –


The Foreign Office’s comments come as the European Union is apparently preparing to make further concessions to Mugabe next month, despite Zanu PF’s failure to allow free and fair elections and respect the rule of law. The Vigil points to the refusal of the Zimbabwean authorities to release the voters’ roll as constitutionally required. Apparently the Electoral Commission’s computer is still out of order more than a year after the disputed elections!


We believe that if, as appears likely, the EU resumes direct financial support for the Mugabe regime some of this aid money should be devoted to ensuring that the electoral roll is made available in digital form so that it can be subjected to objective scrutiny.


Sources in Zimbabwe tell the Vigil that this would be ‘the smoking gun’ exposing the illegitimacy of last year’s elections and lay the groundwork for a new voters’ roll. One of our informants says money given by Western donors to NGO workers to produce a computerised copy of the voters’ roll has been wasted. He says ‘they have done an atrocious job’.


‘My quest is somehow to convince the donors that the roll audit will be the catalyst for change’, he writes, adding that the money needed to complete the job properly was a comparatively small amount compared to the benefits.


‘A key issue in any discussions between the EU and the Zimbabwe government must be the legitimacy of the Zimbabwe government following the serious allegations about rigging in the 2013 elections. A comprehensive audit of the elections, including that of the 2013 voters' roll, should be a major issue in any negotiations, given that the Cotonou Agreement, which is the basis for the dispute between the EU and the Zimbabwe government, insists on good governance, human rights and the rule of law.’


Our source continued: ‘Does the EU not consider that the 2013 elections were equally as flawed as the previous four elections, and that this should be clarified by a full investigation before any substantive re-engagement with Zimbabwe takes place?’


The Vigil’s view of the situation in Zimbabwe is apparently far too negative according to a columnist of the London Times, Matthew Parris. A former British Conservative MP who was brought up in Zimbabwe, he has had another happy holiday there and says ‘Zimbabwe is a safe and ordered place with a stable economy: one of Africa’s more advanced countries and probably the continent’s best-educated. I blush as a journalist to suggest that the reason we think it’s in chaos is that we British have read so much about Zimbabwe in our newspapers . . .’


Well, we at the Vigil wonder which British newspapers he’s been reading because Zimbabwe hardly ever gets a mention as far as we can see. For his flatulent waffling (see: on our Campaigns page).


As far as the economy being stable, perhaps Mr Parris should read the latest article by Eddie Cross MP in which he says ‘my own prediction for the current year is for a decline in GDP of not less than 5% . . .The financial stress on everyone is palpable. (See Or Mr Parris could look at Cathy Buckle’s latest piece: ‘Every month more and more people lose their jobs as companies close and the economy contracts (see: Of raindrops and weevils and poisonous pesticide – But Cross and Buckle are no doubt partial because they live in Zimbabwe, unlike Parris who seems to have gone on a Tourist Board freebie.


As for Zimbabwe being ‘one of Africa’s more advanced countries’, the patronising Mr Parris might take a look at a video of one of Dr Grace’s rallies at which she claims to ‘speak in tongues’. She is now not only mother of the nation but an intellectual and a prophet and pastor (see: For the views of Vigil supporter Dr Clifford Mashiri on Dr Grace’s dangerous campaign (see: on our Campaigns page).


Other points

  • Last week the diary reported on a meeting in London addressed by Senator David Coltart on behalf of a Zimbabwean charity providing scholarships for needy and promising school children. He took issue with what we said and you can read our exchange of emails on our campaigns page (see: We are sorry if we expressed ourselves clumsily last week.

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