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Saturday, 29 November 2014 21:37

As Chinamasa delivered his fantasy budget, the Vigil turned to Alice in Wonderland for an insight in what is going on in Zimbabwe. After all, like Alice in the book, we are in a world where we are required to believe six impossible things before breakfast. In our case:

  1. ‘We are not a basket case’ (Chinamasa tells a Johannesburg business breakfast).

  2. ‘Zimbabwe’s economic prospects are weighed down by sanctions’ (Chinamasa’s budget speech).

  3. ‘Corruption has been caused by sanctions’ (Chinamasa tells Danish delegation).

  4. ‘The exposure of corruption in the media is the work of subversive elements trying to destroy the government from within’ (Vice President Mujuru).

  5. ‘Zim-Asset is the answer to our problems’ (Zanu-PF mantra).

  6. ‘The Khampepe Report (on the 2002 elections) is a mere private opinion’ (official Zanu-PF view).


    As Zanu PF leaders run around in a circle like Alice in Wonderland’s crazy Caucus-race, allegiances fade away like the Cheshire Cat, leaving only a grin floating in mid-air.


    In this topsy-turvy world it seems that Joyce Mujuru is cast as Alice eating cake until she grows too big and Queen of Hearts Grace orders: ‘Off with her head and the heads of all her supporters’.


    Mugabe himself is obviously the book’s Dormouse, forever falling asleep at the Mad Hatter’s eternal tea party as they try to stuff him into the teapot.


    Will they all wake up before it’s too late?


    As Alice says, the Crocodile awaits:

    ‘How cheerfully he seems to grin,

    And neatly spreads his claws,

    And welcomes little fishes in,

    With gently smiling jaws!’


    (For those who need reminding of the Alice story, see:


    For an analysis of the fantasy budget, see this article by the Zimbabwean economist Tony Hawkins writing for the UK Financial Times (


    Other points

  • A Zimbabwean woman who dropped by the Vigil said she used to work for Air Zimbabwe and recalled that 15 years ago she witnessed a full plane preparing for take-off being unloaded so that Dr Grace could be flown on a shopping trip to Paris. They even reconfigured the passenger seats to put in a bed for her. We expect that when she is President she will need the whole fleet for her shopping expeditions.

  • We have received the following message: On behalf of all the Trustees of the Mike Campbell Foundation, I would like to thank all the Vigil who came to the Royal Geographical Society on November 4th for their wonderful singing.  What a joy it was for everyone arriving to hear . . . Please can you thank them all for coming and giving a message of Hope.  It is hard to keep the Hope when such terrible things are going on . . . Many thanks to you all. God bless you, with love Claire (Freeth). For those who missed our report on the occasion see Vigil Diary of 8th November:

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