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Saturday, 20 July 2019 16:13

Walking for Human Rights under a Military Dictatorship in Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe is currently under a military dictatorship where the military can freely use live ammunition against defenceless citizens to keep the restless nation under control. This follows the disputed 2018 election after which Emmerson Mnangagwa, former president Robert Mugabe’s enforcer, is now President. Suffice it to say when Mugabe’s 37-year reign ended in a military coup towards the end of 2017, many celebrated on the streets of Zimbabwe and abroad, hoping for a new beginning. Their hopes now lie in ruins as Zimbabwe is made to painfully watch civil liberties rolled back and democratic space shrunk. Under the dark clouds of fear, innocent civilians being shot dead from behind, tortured, raped, harassed and/or disappeared by the military government. Any civil action is brutally and swiftly put down by Zimbabwe’s national army. The people of Zimbabwe need your help in their struggle for their human rights, justice and greater freedoms.


The Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR) International strongly condemns the military government’s high-handed and intolerant approach to the exercise of civil liberties and political expression in Zimbabwe. This should never be about coercion, dictatorship, manipulation or blatant abuse of citizens. Rather, it should be about the people’s issues and aspirations - within an environment of fair play, transparency, and accountability as underpinned by the rule of law, justice and peace.


To this end, ROHR International seeks to raise funds in support of human rights and democracy in Zimbabwe. There is need to bring about a new political mindset in the country that promotes tolerance and equality, shuns corruption and embraces a human rights culture. There is need to defend civil rights and dismantle the fear that threatens to choke the values of our freedoms and make a mockery of  hard fought independence. ROHR believes that your donation will go a long way in building the peace, leadership training, awareness workshops and re-establishing the voice of the voiceless as enshrined in the country’s constitution. Bringing about a culture of human rights, democracy and an end to the military rule is the most pressing challenge of today.


UK based human rights activists will therefore embark on a 15 miles walk for over 4 hours to the Zimbabwe Embassy in London on 27 July 2019 in effort to raise awareness and the necessary funds to support the human rights causes.


We therefore kindly appeal for your generous donations to help bring an end to the long-suffering people of Zimbabwe. We believe Zimbabwe deserves better!


Ephraim Tapa


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