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Sunday, 27 October 2019 15:24

I greet you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ

Wherever we go people no longer say the usual ‘How are you / I am fine.’ They go directly into talking about their problems. They say:
  • I haven’t eaten for two days, no food at all, even today.
  • We made a mistake by voting for the present government because we thought that by removing the late president things would get better, but they are worse.
  • The prices have gone up so much we can’t afford to buy; the children will die.  They can’t even go to school.
  • We can’t afford to go to hospital when we are sick because the bus fares are too high.
  • Now our money can’t buy anything.  After all this the President doesn’t say anything, nothing encouraging, no plan. At least President Mugabe would say something.
  • We don’t know what’s going to happen to the whole nation.  There’s hunger everywhere.
  • If you need anything like a birth-certificate you have to pay somebody for it.  If you don’t pay you don’t get it.
  • We are praying and praying and praying and we thank God that we are still alive. He has heard our prayers.
God has been answering many prayers:
  • Mrs Banda coming from hospital looked in her bag for her bus fare but it was gone. The tout shouted at her and threatened kick her off.  One woman from behind said, ‘Don’t cry, I will pay for you.’ Mrs Banda told her story at church on Sunday.
  • Three weeks ago I had a burden to visit a family to pray with them.  I was wondering what to bring them.  The only thing in my storeroom was a bag of maize and it was full of weevils—you couldn’t eat it—but I decided to take it anyway. When I got there they asked for food.  I did not want to give it to them but I did not have anything else.  When they opened it the maize was okay to eat and they were very happy.
  • In 2018 before the elections, a number of our pastors and their church members were drawn away with promises by Obert Mpofu to support a ZANU (PF) church.  Since the middle of this year many people have returned and last week three pastors returned.  They were interviewed by our board and they said there was nothing spiritual at the other church, there was just talk of what car you might get.  They admitted they were lost.
With this desperate situation people are going along the railway tracks to collect grain fallen from railway trucks.  The local currency has become worthless and people cannot buy from the shops anymore. We don’t know what is going to happen.

We are grateful to our donors who keep us going.  This month with funds from Zimbabwe Victims’ Support Fund we will get 19 tonnes of maize: 2t for feeding from Hillside Methodist Church; 4 tonnes for schools in Lupane and the rest for church members from Binga to Beitbridge.  The problem we are facing now is transport costs.  We can’t afford to pay for the food to be sent out.
Zimbabwe Partnership Trust and Whitestone Chapel also provide e’Pap for babies and young school children.  This has helped to keep these children healthy and alert.  Because of these feeding programmes we are able to hire the school hall for a reduced fee for church services.

Not many people were able to come to our conferences this year, due to transport costs, so we are going to send pastors out to Binga, Beitbridge, Masvingo, Plumtree, Gwanda and the Midlands instead. We managed to have a Women’s conference and studied the book of Ester, working from an excellent book provided by Pastor Kevin Thompson.

This year we have only planted one church two weeks ago at Nyathi.  There was a very good turnout and about 150 found the Lord and many sick were healed. At Killarney the school building is still dismantled and they are meeting under the trees. 
People are still being helped with money for school fees and rent from the ZVSF emergency fund.  Thanks to all donors big and small for your obedience and your compassion for this desperate community. Please pray for good gentle rains this season, seed to plant and leaders who have a heart for the people. 

Yours in Christ

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