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Saturday, 20 October 2012 21:45

Email from Derek Sparrow re diaspora vote

I am hoping by this email to contact Zimvigil to suggest that they focus onto the diaspora vote which is essential to achieve the regime change without which no other objectives will be attained. This critical election feature has been debated extensively by all parties without any effective conclusions except that the Electoral Amendment Act provides for the removal of voters from the registers who have been absent from Zimbabwe for more than a year. It is suggested that the Electoral Commission might have power to redesignate voter registration residence qualifications but a new Electoral Act Amendment containing the complicated provisions for qualification for registration, the designation to constituencies, the methods of actual voting and the recording thereof would have to be passed without delay.


The above methods including their considerable cost have been applied in most SADC states where the numbers involved were minimal compared with the internationally unique proportion of the diaspora electorate in Zimbabwe probably amounting to one quarter.


It is that exceptional proportion that requires the enfranchisement of the diaspora to render the election free and fair and attracting the international and SADC support it demands.


The shock admission by the MDC deputy organising secretary that the party was not pushing for diaspora voting rights due to rigging fears is totally unacceptable and should be reversed without delay with assurance from the diaspora that such voting will be properly exercised and corruption minimised.


It is to be expected that the diaspora vote is much feared by ZANU PF whose policies and persecution caused most of the exodus and a new regime should havs policies to promote repatriation  as part of an economic revival. The disadvantage of travel sanctions restricting canvassing by ZANU PF is of their own making and of minimal consideration.


Vigil reply

We totally agree that it is unjust that the diaspora is denied a vote - especially considering that we have been driven out of the country by a tyranny. We note a piece in the Standard about the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission's reasons for not allowing the Diaspora vote (People living abroad will not vote: ZEC – We are not sure we are the best people to campaign for the diaspora vote because it is an issue which is going to be decided at home, whatever we say about it. What we can do is publicise your letter on our campaigns page and put a reference to it in our diary.



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