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Sunday, 22 February 2015 14:37

Thank you organisers of this event – Makusha Mugabe, Rose Benton and all those who have made this day possible.


Finding the energy to regroup, unite and protest against the Mugabe dictatorship demonstrates that we are still on the highway to freedom, on course to liberate our motherland, still undefeated; never mind successive stolen elections and the dictator’s tyrannical ways.


The theme of today’s gathering says it all – Mugabe Must Go, and 2015 marks his last birthday in office. 35 years is way far too much, it’s unacceptable!


And because we are here, and we say NO! this gives us hope that Zimbabwe shall be free, once again, and in our life time – the rule of law, a human rights culture, freedom of choice and equality of opportunities shall surely abound in Zimbabwe.


But we have said Mugabe must go for so many years now and still there is no sign of him leaving. He has even roped in his wife Grace, to take over from him, and after Grace, Chatunga and then his children and then their children, a dynasty! That is why I totally embrace today’s theme; Mugabe must go now and 2015 is the deadline!


How much more suffering, indignity, displacements, dispossessions, contempt, murders, torture, disappearances, harassment, arbitrary arrests, electoral fraud, political violence, corruption, political patronage must we endure before we can rise up against Mugabe’s cruel and hateful politics, and reclaim our Zimbabwe and, with it, our futures?


Democratic forces at home have tried, but the system simply won’t allow them to succeed.


We have tried voting, election after election, winning all in the process; we have protested fraud and brutality, we have formed multiple parties; we have boycotted and threatened to boycott elections; we have petitioned the courts; we have even negotiated a political agreement and even ‘shared power – all to no avail.


Today, the democratic forces stand divided, bereft of viable alternatives and, in a number of ways, hooked up to the very system that, ironically, they seek to overthrow.


The internal programs have failed the people of Zimbabwe; it’s a betrayal of the worst order!


Let’s now accept that the time to come back to each other as diaspora is now; that the time for new strategies is now, the time to sing a new song! For Mugabe to go by our deadline, it will take those of us outside Mugabe’s reach/control to deliver a free Zimbabwe for all. Let’s now begin a new journey under the diaspora initiative!


We have said 2015 is Mugabe’s last birthday in office. This is a serious declaration that must be backed up with a series of actions, effective strategies and a unity of purpose among the Zimbabwe diaspora community


I call upon all genuinely concerned Zimbabweans to contribute to the current efforts in developing these strategies, join hands around ongoing campaigns such as the parliamentary lobby for Zimbabwe debate, working towards a declaration of principles defining the Zimbabwe Diaspora position on the many issues currently bedevilling Zimbabweans at home and abroad; developing a broader platform and program that truly represent the views and aspirations of those at home and abroad.


We need to develop a tentative programme of action that ensures Mugabe will not be in Office come 21 February 2016.


I invite you to the Zimbabwe Action Forum after the Vigil to continue with this conversation.


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