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Sunday, 28 June 2015 13:48

“The only language the black man will understand is the language of the gun.  The more you kill the closer you get to your objective.”


“Our party must continue to strike fear into the heart of the black man, they must tremble . . .”


“I am the Hitler of the times . . .”


Imagine a President of a western country saying such things.  These are exact quotes from our President - except you need to substitute the word “black” for “white.”


 “Whites are not human beings . . .” said our late vice president.


We need to get the root of the problem in Zimbabwe.  What is it that caused the fastest shrinking economy in the recorded history of the world in a peace time situation?  What is it that brought the most industrialized country in sub Saharan Africa after SA into a state of 85% unemployment?  What is it that made the bread basket of Southern Africa into a country that would have had widespread death by starvation if food aid had not come in from the USA and the west every year for the last 14 years?  What is that has caused an estimated 25% of the entire Zimbabwe population to flee the country of their birth in such a short period of time?


At the root of it is the break down of the rule of law and the discrimination that has allowed Mugabe’s political elite to greedily grab or destroy homes, businesses and other assets from opposition members or people with a white coloured skin.  They then asset strip them and leave the workers on them hungry, poor and dependant on the ruling Party and international food aid for their very survival.


The racial record of the Mugabe’s ruling elite is evident: first there was the racially inspired genocide of the 1980s when the current regime murdered an estimated 20,000 Matabele people.  Then there is the white population in Zimbabwe that has depleted in numbers by approximately 90 percent.  In the last 15 years the white population on the farms has been systematically and lawlessly driven off their farms and is now less than 5 percent of what it was; and the ethnic cleansing of those rural areas continues.  Those last 5 % are persistently terrorized or criminalized - and face 2 years in jail for committing the crime of farming and living in their own homes in a country that is starving.   


My father in law, Mike Campbell, was abducted and severely beaten – and later died – when Mike took Mugabe to court in the regional African SADC Tribunal on the racial discrimination issue – and the fact that we as white people are constitutionally denied the right to a day in court when our homes and livelihoods are violently and systematically stolen.  Mike got a final and binding judgment to say that racial discrimination is taking place in Zimbabwe and must stop.  Despite that not a single signatory country to the International Convention for the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination [ICERD] has asked the Committee for the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination [ICERD] to investigate the continued breaking of the ICERD by the Zimbabwe Government - and with that the UN Charter, the African Charter and the SADC Treaty.   


Later, after the Zimbabwe Government was found to be in contempt of court, Mugabe got the whole court closed down, depriving quarter of a billion people in 15 countries in Southern Africa of a court of last resort when their own justice systems fail them.


As both the current African Union Chairman and the SADC Chairman he has recently told SADC: “I give poison not for you to swallow but to give to someone else” - the poison being racial hatred, and the “someone else” being white people.  The double standards of the world need to stop. Racism against white people is just as evil and wrong as racism against black people or any other people. 


I have been impressed by the moral manner in which so many in the USA wish to try to deal with immoral situations.  The Zimbabwe Democracy Act needs to remain in place and be strengthened.  At the same time, in the spirit of truth and the Martin Luther King civil rights movement, it is important that the USA made a complaint to CERD and asked for an investigation into the Zimbabwe Government.


Until non-discrimination, property rights and the rule of law are returned to the people of Zimbabwe and Africans as a whole, hunger, deprivation and regression will continue to be the order of the day.  Racial discrimination takes a nation into a never ending spiral of hate and recrimination.  There is no way forward while the world allows this to continue.  Silence is the sickening sound of tacit approval.     


Ben Freeth MBE


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