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Sunday, 09 July 2017 19:51

From Rose Benton: The story from Silvanos Mudzvova that a collection was made for him at the Vigil of 17/09/2016 is untrue. No collection was made for him at the Vigil and he never phoned me and I had no missed calls. I always respond to missed calls and try to help the caller.   


For the record every penny John Burke put into the ROHR and Vigil accounts was sent to support our programmes in Zimbabwe. His contributions were made unconditionally and voluntarily. He was never asked for money. Whenever I thanked him, his response was that it was better to give the money to the Vigil and ROHR rather than the taxman. Ephraim Tapa and I prepared accounts to show that the money had been sent to Zimbabwe and how it had been spent there to present to the ROHR Conference of October 2016. Because of the disruption at the Conference there was no opportunity to present the figures. The figures are available and can be presented.


Some time ahead of the conference John spoke of his plans to book a two-night stay and conference facilities at a hotel. I warned him that he would be very unlikely to be repaid by all the participants and suggested that a simpler plan would be more in keeping with our organisations such as booking a room for the afternoon at a venue close to the Vigil. He was adamant he wanted to go ahead with his plan and my fears were borne out.



From Ephraim Tapa: Following the highly successful walk last Saturday, ROHR and the Zimvigil are under attack. They have singled out Ephraim Tapa, and co-ordinator Rose Benton as targets for their attacks. One may be wondering what this is all about.  The success of ZimPAP since its launch in December 2016 has disturbed the waters; it's causing enemies of the Zimbabwean people and proxies of Zanu PF troubling headaches. I now believe by launching ZimPAP, we have touched a raw nerve. 


The truth of the matter is that the Zimeye owner is a self-declared enemy of the Zimvigil and ROHR. From 2010 to date, he has not missed an opportunity to pull my person and ROHR down. Today's attack is only one of many before and perhaps more to come.  The Zimeye website seems to be used by anyone who has an axe to grind against Ephraim Tapa or the causes of ROHR or the Zimbabwe Vigil.


Silvanos Mudzvova: we do not know this man. He called me on 18th April and stated that he had been told that money had been collected for him at the Vigil towards his hospital fees. He queried why the money had not reached him. I responded by advising him that I was not aware of such a collection, that whoever was claiming that was up to some mischief making and invited him to attend the following Vigil (22nd April) to allow us to establish the truth. He then cut off the phone. When I tried calling his number again a couple of times I did not get through. I then texted him the following message: ‘I will be investigating your claims. Like I said I don’t handle such monies at all. May I invite you to come to the Vigil this Saturday (22/04/2017) so we can get to the bottom of this.’ He did not turn up at the Vigil. As such, it is an utter and absurd lie that we collected for this man when he was in Zimbabwe. We have never mentioned his name at the Vigil. Simply put, we don't know him. We suspect he is being used to further the interests of our detractors.  


But why all this now? You will all be aware that John Burke (a British man of pensionable age who prides himself in our black sisters, throws his money around, and knows nothing about Zimbabwe) tried to hijack ROHR at the October 2016 conference by spreading falsehoods against me and he failed dismally. You are also aware that he hijacked the ROHR Facebook page, the money raised from the Brighton and Croydon walks and ROHR's new website. He is currently using these instruments to prop up a fake ROHR. Going by today's attack, it is clear that John Burke, Silvanos and Zimeye are not happy with the successes against the Mugabe regime that ROHR and the Vigil continue to post week in week out; that they are angry their plans are not working but that they are determined to continue fighting from Mugabe's corner.  


To all of us, this attack is confirmation that Mugabe and his friends feel the pain, that we are making progress and that we are on track!  In the following days beginning now, we shall be exploring all avenues seeking for advice as to stop this libellous activity. We have never minded them for it is pointless, and we wonder why we are their business. We shall have to escalate our activities. Kuti Satan abhowekane! Together we can and we will! Aluta!!!!


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