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Thursday, 22 September 2011 19:54


Following the historic Huddersfield UK Conference of 27-29 May 2011 at which Zimbabweans from all walks of life met to create a platform that seeks to unite Zimbabweans in their quest for a lasting solution to the Zimbabwe question, the Zimbabwe We Can Movement was born. Since then the interim leadership had been working hard to constitute the Movement. The Wolverhampton meeting of 17th September at which the Movement’s foundation instruments were finalised and adopted marked the beginning of a new chapter in the Zimbabwe struggle for freedom, democracy, justice and peace. Amid a show of great passion, patriotism and determination, the interim leader Mr Ephraim Tapa declared the Zimbabwe We Can Movement arisen.   

The Movement reiterated their view that Zimbabwe was constituted of a broken nation and a dysfunctional governance system, for which no leader or political party was prepared to take responsibility. In unity, the leadership declared their vision to develop a national identity and foster a national perspective towards the Zimbabwe problem definition and its probable solutions. To that end, the Zimbabwe We Can Movement called upon all peace-loving and patriotic Zimbabweans at home or abroad to take responsibility for the Zimbabwe Crisis and rise again in their masses for REAL CHANGE. 

The next few days, weeks and months should see a ground swelling of organisation, of voluntary involvement, of passion outpoured, an uprising aimed at bringing an end to this self-imposed state of paralysis and regression.  We encourage Zimbabweans and friends of Zimbabwe wherever you are, to take charge and get involved in the struggle to bring our beloved nation back from abyss. Our outreach programme, which encourages people (wherever they are and from which ever group or political party) to come together and take responsibility over Zimbabwe, is now underway. We urge all not to wait, but to just do it for the love of our motherland!  

Zimbabwe We Can is a people driven movement which believes that:
·         The solution to Zimbabwe’s problems lies with the people of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is where it is today because we allowed it and hence we should all bear responsibility in fixing whatever is wrong with our Nation.
·         Much as they may try, the three so-called principles are only fallible humans who are often tempted to pursue individual, party line or other agendas at the expense of Zimbabwe, hence the need for the PEOPLE’s involvement. 
·         Together, we CAN say NO to continued abuse, divisions, corruption, plunder of our national heritage and the selected application of law which continues under the watch of the Inclusive Government.
·         It is the people of Zimbabwe who CAN end this suffering.
·         It is the people of Zimbabwe who CAN end the lack of sincerity on the part of the Inclusive Government in bringing about a genuinely people-driven constitution.
·         It is the people of Zimbabwe who CAN end the continued plundering of resources and corporate terrorism with the acquiescence of all in the Inclusive Government.
·         It is the people of Zimbabwe who CAN bring about REAL and SUSTAINABLE CHANGE which has so far eluded the 3-year rule of the Inclusive Government. 

Zimbabwe We Can, Ilizwe Ngabantu, Nyika Vanhu. 

For more information, contact: 

Ephraim Tapa, President – 07940 793 090
Everisto Kamera, General Secretary – 07833 338 942
Isaiah Bizabani, Information and Publicity Secretary – 07427 496 737 

Also keep an eye on: This website is in the process of being developed. 


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