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Nottingham demonstration against farm looter – Tuesday 27th October 2015 PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 28 October 2015 19:26

About fifty people gathered in Nottingham on Tuesday to protest outside a clinic run by Dr Sylvester Nyatsuro who is trying to seize a farm in Zimbabwe.  The following leaflet was handed out to passers-by and posted in letter boxes in the immediate area.

Demonstration at Willows Medical Centre
The Zimbabwe Vigil and its sister organisation the Restoration of Human Rights in Zimbabwe (ROHR) are demonstrating in protest at an attempt by Dr Sylvester Nyatsuro to seize a farm in Zimbabwe owned by a Zimbabwean Philip Rankin, who is currently besieged in his home by a gang of thugs. Dr Nyatsuro has lived in the UK for more than 10 years and is a British citizen. He is a GP not a farmer but, as a relative of Mugabe’s wife, he has grabbed the opportunity to steal the farm from Mr Rankin, who bought it with the approval of the Mugabe regime. The Rankin family will not receive compensation and will lose their tobacco crop worth £240,000. If Dr Nyatsuro gets away with this theft Mr Rankin should be entitled to seize the GP’s properties in the UK.

It was a lively day with drumming, singing and dancing. A full report will be given in the diary on Saturday.

Thanks to those who came from far and wide to attend in support of the principles of honesty, fair play and non-racism: Alice Shadenyi, Audry Chamangira, Benjamin Chigamba, Casper Nyamakura, Cephas Maswoswa, Chamu Chisuko, Chipo Kamhunga, Chipo Parirenyatwa, Christopher Kamuzonde, Cleopatra Matinyadze, Cloud Chunga, Danny Kadiki, Dennis Benton, Edna Mdoka, Emmaculate Tshuma, Enniah Dube, Ephraim Tapa, Esther Nyambi, Eunice Mucherechedzo, Gladys Muduve, Humphrey Dube, Irvine Huni, Ishmael Makina, Jackson Magaya, Janemary Mapfumo, Joana Kwenda, Linton Magume, Marjory Kunaka, Mercy Chapepa, Minienhle Sibanda, Nobukhosi Moyo, Nomsa Mpofu, Paul Chipamhadze, Pedzisai James, Percy Chagwiza, Phylis M Magejo, Raphael Benton, Rashiwe Bayisayi, Rose Benton, Sally Mutseyami, Sharon Moyo, Sibusisiwe Tshuma, Stephen Drew, Tecla Bandawe, Thulani Chagwiza, Tino Mashonganyika, Virginia Mutyambizi, Wilbert Mukori, Yvonne Makombe and all the children. Thanks to Enniah and Chamu for their leadership in organising the demonstration.

For pictures of the demonstration check:


FOR THE RECORD: 49 signed the register. 


Zimbabweans protest at looting British GP PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 22 October 2015 13:42

Zimbabwe Vigil Media Release – 22nd October 2015


Zimbabweans protest at looting British GP

Zimbabwean exiles in the UK are to stage a demonstration next Tuesday outside a clinic in Nottingham run by a doctor who is attempting to seize a farm in Zimbabwe.

Dr Sylvester Nyatsuro, a British citizen, claims that the Mugabe regime has told him he can have the farm although he has been resident in England for more than 10 years.

He and his wife Veronica, apparently the clinic’s practice manager, are trying to kick out the owner Philip Rankin, who bought the farm after independence with the approval of the Mugabe authorities. He is now besieged in his home unable to care for his tobacco crop worth up to £240,000.

The demonstration is organized by the Zimbabwe Vigil  which has been protesting outside the Zimbabwe Embassy in London every Saturday since October 2002 in support of human rights in Zimbabwe.

Vigil Co-ordinator Fungayi Mabhunu said: ‘We want to show our disgust at the hypocritical behavior of someone who has prospered in this country but wants to benefit from the illegitimate Mugabe regime. The Nyatsuros pretend that this is all legal but it just stinks of nepotism. Mrs Nyatsuro has admitted she is related to Mugabe’s wife Grace. The owner is a white man born in Zimbabwe and has no other home. Perhaps he should take over the Nyatsuros’ properties here in exchange.’

The Vigil has written to the local NHS Commissioning Group drawing attention to the matter with copies to the General Medical Council and the Department of Health as well as the Home Office and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. For the letter see:

Date and time: Tuesday 27th October from 12 noon – 3 pm.

Venue: The Willows Medical Centre, Church Street, Carlton, Nottingham NG4 1BJ.

For directions, check:

Contact: Chamunorwa Chisuko 07832920609, Enniah Dube 07403439707, Fungayi Mabhunu 07907089899, Rose Benton 07970996003.

Grace Mugabe Party – Media Release: 23rd July 2015 PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 23 July 2015 14:40

Exiled Zimbabweans and friends will be holding a party at the Zimbabwe Embassy in London on Saturday 25th July to mark the 50th birthday of Dr Amai Mugabe.


The Zimbabwe Vigil hopes the party will be attended by the spouse of the Zimbabwe Ambassador and the spice of Ambassadors of friendly nations such as China, Russia, Belarus, Syria, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela, as well as African countries.


The party will take place between 2 pm and 6 pm to coincide with a grand celebration at Dr Grace’s Harare home in Borrowdale Brook, the Blue Roof Residence, where guests will enjoy a lavish dinner dance.


The organisers say all food and drink will be on the house ‘including expensive whiskeys and wines’. The Vigil trusts that, given Dr Grace’s tireless charity work, Zimbabwe’s starving people will not be turned away.


We urge the hungry to turn up in force for the free food. Vendors and the unemployed especially welcome.



Venue: Outside the Zimbabwe Embassy, 429 Strand, London WC2R 0JR

Time: 2 – 6 pm

Contact: Fungayi Mabhunu 07907 089 899, Rose Benton 07970 996 003.

Zimbabwean Downing Street Racism Demonstration – Media release: 24th June 2015 PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 24 June 2015 20:41

Zimbabwean Downing Street Racism Demonstration – Media release: 24th June 2015


Zimbabwean exiles in the UK are to present a petition to Prime Minister David Cameron’s official residence at 10 Downing Street on Saturday 27th June disowning anti-white comments by President Mugabe and calling for his arraignment before the International Criminal Court.


On a recent visit to the headquarters of the Southern African Development Community in Botswana, Mugabe referred to the latest xenophobic violence in South Africa and said Africans should direct their anger at whites rather than fellow blacks.


The Zimbabwe Vigil, which has been protesting outside the Zimbabwe Embassy in London for the past 13 years, and its associates Zimbabwe Yes We Can and the Restoration of Human Rights in Zimbabwe, have written a letter to assure Mr Cameron that Mugabe’s racism does not represent the views of the Zimbabwean people.


David Kadzutu of Zimbabwe Yes We Can says: ‘His comment is an embarrassment to Zimbabweans forced by his misrule to seek the hospitality of other countries’.


The petition reads: ‘Exiled Zimbabweans, supporters and friends, at the Vigil outside the Zimbabwe Embassy in London, record our disgust at the anti-white rants of Zimbabwe’s illegitimate President Mugabe. We wish to affirm our unwavering support of Zimbabwe’s constitutional requirement for non-racism.’


The petition has gained hundreds of signatures since it was launched at the Vigil two weeks ago. The signatories are people – from all over the world – who have passed by the Vigil held every Saturday outside the Embassy on The Strand near Trafalgar Square.



2 pm: Meet outside the Zimbabwe Embassy, 429 Strand, London WC2R 0JR

3.15 pm: Gather for prompt 3.30 pm set off to 10 Downing Street

4 pm: Petition presentation

For text of letter see:

Contact:  Ephraim Tapa 07940 793 090, David Kadzutu 07876 887 397, Fungayi Mabhunu 07907 089 899, Rose Benton 07970 996 003.

Vigil Protests: 17th April 2015 PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 17 April 2015 18:13



Exiled Zimbabweans demonstrated outside the Zimbabwe Embassy and the South African High Commission in London on Friday 17th April in protest at the abduction in Harare of the civil rights activist Itai Dzamara and at the new upsurge of xenophobic violence in South Africa.


The protest came as ambassadors of SADC countries were holding a meeting at Zimbabwe House. Barriers were placed outside the Embassy and police kept guard after several incidents in which demonstrators entered the building in attempts to deliver a letter. Police said their presence followed an Embassy complaint to the Foreign Office.


Once again the Embassy refused to accept the Vigil’s letter and the demonstrators were told they could not even push it under the closed front door. So we posted it at the local post office.


The letter said: ‘We would like to discuss with you the abduction of the human rights activist Itai Dzamara who was seen being taken away in an unmarked car by five armed men on Monday 9th March. We fear that he is the latest victim of the Central Intelligence Organisation which has been responsible for the disappearance of thousands of opponents of the Mugabe regime. Zimbabwe Vigil fears that the unbridled criminal behaviour by the Mugabe regime is stoking a fire which could consume our people. Because the Embassy has no letterbox we will deliver this letter in person. We assure you that we come with peaceful intentions and intend at all times to obey the law which recognises our rights as Zimbabweans to approach our Embassy.’


Vigil activists, who were joined by representatives of a number of Zimbabwean groups, took time out from the demonstration to gather outside the nearby South African High Commission. Amid singing and drumming they presented a letter for President Zuma protesting at the upsurge of xenophobic violence in South Africa. Unlike the hostile reception at their own Embassy, the South Africans received the letter courteously:


The letter read: Zimbabweans in the diaspora condemn the xenophobic attacks on foreigners in South Africa and call on your government to ensure their safety. We find it disheartening that the attacks are taking place at a time when regional bodies such as SADC are calling for closer ties among African states through the scrapping of visas. We cannot speak for other groups seeking refuge in South Africa from poverty, economic crises, war and government persecution in their home countries. But as far as Zimbabweans are concerned, we hold South Africa responsible for the desperate situation in our country caused by your unwavering support for the oppressive Mugabe regime, publicly displayed only recently during Mugabe’s visit to South Africa. We warn you that until you change sides and support instead the democratic aspirations of our oppressed people you will never see an end to the tide of refugees fleeing Zimbabwe.’


On Saturday, the Zimbabwe Vigil will mark the 35th anniversary of Zimbabwe’s Independence with a demand that Mugabe must go.


For latest Vigil pictures check: Please note: Vigil photos can only be downloaded from our Flickr website.


FOR THE RECORD: 31 signed the register.

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